Northwest Pattern


For more than 50 years, Northwest Pattern Co. has been designing, engineering and producing high-quality tooling for some of the most demanding industries, including automotive, industrial and military applications.

Complete Service with Complete Control

This is what separates Northwest Pattern Co. from other tooling companies—the complete control we maintain over a wide range of pattern , mold, gage, casting and machine operations.

Experience and Versatility

There are many companies who can claim years of experience with a given material or a given process. But few companies have the expertise with all the many pattern, mold, casting and machining processes that we can offer our customers at Northwest Pattern Co.

“We have the engineering expertise to prepare your job for the best results, no matter the size, no matter the material.”

In-House Design and Engineering

With our in-house Computer-Aided Design, metal fabricating, casting, and proto-type making facilities, Northwest Pattern Co. can not only produce a pattern, mold or casting to your specifications—we can also design and engineer your tooling. We bring our broad experience to bear on every aspect of your job, considering the materials, the processes, and the final application. Whether your tooling is for high-volume production, or low-volume or prototype applications, we can provide the best-designed and best-engineered pattern to meet your requirements. These patterns are fabricated by experienced craftsmen, whose work is meticulously monitored at every phase of the job.

Our engineers and technicians are trained in the most recent technologies, on some of the most advanced equipment available. Augmenting our conventional machining equipment are computer controlled machines.  These machines perform precise machining operations on raw materials along 4 axes simultaneously,  using cutter paths generated with mastercam software and downloaded to the CNC.

“Our customers rely on us to make certain their jobs are right—they count on our experience.”

These are the skills that have made Northwest Pattern Co. a success for more than five decades—skills vital to the proper and timely production of your job. Jack Dutton, our President and Founder, had been a member of the Pattern, Model and Plastic Tool Builders Association for 20 years, and has served at the organization’s President. That’s a commitment to the industry, and a commitment to our customers. To get that commitment working for you, call Northwest Pattern Company today at 248-477-7070. When the other directions haven’t worked…try Northwest Pattern Co.